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Gaming with Kids [Aug. 5th, 2004|09:49 pm]
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But I've been interested in hearing from gamer-parents out there. I want to hear about how having kids effects your gaming, and how you work around the obstacles it causes.

(OK, I don't have kids. I have a dog. It's not the same. Not even close. But it certainly made things interesting. He likes to eat dice. He gets WAY too excited when all our friends show up. But all in all, so long as we walk him, and pay attention to him -everything is fine.)

[User Picture]From: 1knighthawk
2004-08-06 01:35 pm (UTC)
I have a cat...that makes it sort of close. We have to close the door to keep the cat out, and he cries and whines cuz he can't be in the room w/ us.
Poor thing.

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[User Picture]From: bardgirl
2004-11-04 11:52 am (UTC)
Not a parent - planning on finishing my college at least first. But I have played in a game where a mom brought her kids, and I have a ten-year-old sis at home. The mom's kids were, I think, twelve and fifteen - the fifteen-year-old had severe ADHD so he acted a bit younger - but we ended up giving them characters and letting them play in the game. My little sis plays with my brothers and me when I DM our family game (my brothers are both in high school). It does put something of a strain on the game at times, because of differences between children and adults. So you have to be aware that it will probably end up changing the entire timbre of the game if you have them play. But if you're willing to be patient with them, let them take part in the game, and think they are old enough to handle whatever you're dealing with in the game (some games' subject matter is just not appropriate for children who may have trouble distinguishing between a game and reality, for example modern day horror campaigns might terrify a child), and the rest of the group feels the same way, including your children in games might be a good option to consider.
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[User Picture]From: koipond
2004-12-28 07:13 am (UTC)
This is old, but what the hell.

Gaming with children varies depending on a few things. Mainly how old the child is, what the parents view as acceptable, and what the child can take.

Usually, because my daughter is young (4 almost 5 at the time of this post), we waited until she was in bed while we played. However, we do try to get her interested in games of all kinds because we feel that games can be used to show good sportsindividualship and critical thinking. When she gets older I'd like to see if she'd like to play in a few games that I would be running because I'd like to involve her in that aspect of my life.

And as for content, I'm sure as hell not going to run something like Cyberpunk but a straight forward D&D game would be interesting. And again, it all depends on what your child can handle and what you think is appropriate. For example, we were playtesting a game of CyberGen when my daughter woke up and wouldn't go to bed. Undaunted, we continued what we were doing which included the GM going on about some sort of horrible scene where he was really trying to get into it. He told me later that he was worried he might have frightened her, except that she kept laughing at him all the while.

Something to ponder at any rate.
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