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Sex [Apr. 23rd, 2004|09:30 pm]
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Ok, so I'd been avoiding putting up this topic. But I feel it's time.
In game sex. Now, I'm not really interested in anything that isn't IN GAME. (And if you're not a gamer, you may want to read some of the other topics before reading this one, like "Gaming with your Signifigant Other") I gamed with one GM who made a point of getting all of his PC's romantically involved with one NPC or another. It was an Amber game, and as those of you that have played it can guess, this made for some interesting politics.

Currently, I'm playing in a Legends of the Five Rings campaign, and their has been a session or two that primarliy took place in a tea house, with the other PC's flirting with geisha.That is until the fight broke out....

I tend to think it's only natural for players to want their charchters to pursue the same things their players pursue, but there are certianly boundaries as far as roleplaying is concerned. Too much information, will always be too much information. If our group is feeling particularly silly, stamina roles are made, but that's about it for description. And in Amber, there are no dice to roll, but someone's stuff (in short: Luck) made a difference in how things went. And description pretty much ended at the bedroom door.

SO, how does your group deal with sex. If at all?

Original Responses

posted 8-12-01

I am lucky to be part of a gaming group that, at its core, has lasted 6 years just since I joined (and was in existence long before that - I came in on the 4th or 5th year of a campaign!) We have two married couples (myself and my husband and my current DM and his honey). We also have three men who have SO's not in the group and one woman who is involved with members both in and out of the gaming group. We are currently embroiled in a low-level Forgotten Realms AD&D game.

Yep, that's three gals in this group! And believe it or not, we are responsible for most of the "relational havoc" in character. Right now, the two married ladies' characters are flirting horridly with one of the male characters. Given that we're all friends in this gamer group, we laugh our collective butts off at our characters' antics. Two of us are even going so far as to write out the journals our characters keep in game! (Myself and the man playing the character I'm after, ironically enough). This flirting situation is terribly funny, as of the three characters involved:

1. The gentleman usually restricts himself to wooing one lass at a time, and has TWO of them chasing him, both very different in intensity and method and both very interesting and, by profession, the scouts of the party, (so they're sneaky little devils),
2. The one lady is being chased more by the gentleman in question, but isn't as interested, although she's flattered,
3. The other lady comes from a culture completely alien to the gentleman (she's a wild elf & he's human), and has totally screwed up her flirting with him, as she's done the flirting by her rules and not his, much to her embarrassment.

Add to this the fact that this all evolved WITHOUT DM involvement! He never even suggested this - us two ladies just conspired and went for it. I think the ONLY reason this works is that we are an extremely close bunch of friends, and outside of the game, we know who is dating/committed to whom and in character relationships do not carry over into real life. Otherwise it would be a disaster for the group.

So, my take on in character relationships and RPG-ing with your SO's? Go for it. Just remember: in-character is in-character, and out-of-character is out-of character. Don't confuse the two, and it'll work fine.

posted 10-24-01

Kathleen and I have been discussing our characters’ antics in the romance department. She’s been a busy little camper. ~haze)

The second installment in “As The Die Rolls”

Just in case you or anyone else is interested - oh man have things gotten wild and weird in our AD&D game with the three folks a'flirtin'! K'Delah, my cleric, finally "emotionally combusted" over the fact that the other two people in the "triangle" - Allisyen and Khyron - weren't being honest with each other or her. She finally lost her patience after having to ride double all day with Khyr - all the while, being flirted with outrageously (the man's a master of innuendo and romance and a horrid flirt!) It actually paid off, in that after her "explosion", everything got ironed out. I think Ally - the other lady in the triangle - was relieved that K'Delah was willing to draw a lot of Khyr's attention! Much to my cleric's surprise, she ended up getting a hug from Ally and quite the smooch from Khyr (it about knocked her socks off - and her Boots of Elvenkind too!)

Two days later, things finally came to a head. The group came to a town with a really romantic inn, where we overnighted. K'Delah was all stressed and nervy, so she went to work out in the gardens. To her surprise, there was Khyr, completing a sword-fighting workout of his own. She immediately had misgivings about dancing in front of her sweetie (as her dance form is belly dancing, and well, you know - just the garb alone is downright sexy!) Nevertheless, she went ahead and worked out, as she was just too stressed not too. She really raised poor Khyr's eyebrows that night . . . And, oh, did both she and Khyr get more than they bargained for!

After her workout, Khyr was flirting with her outrageously again, and K'Delah realized she needed to talk to him, as he was thoroughly confusing her (her culture tends to be less forward in flirting). She cleaned up and changed, and then went to talk to him. After some heartfelt talk, she ended up not only in his arms, but with her first lover to boot. It was hilariously fun to play out, as K'Delah was shy and uncertain, but head-over-heels for Khyr. The rest of the group's in-game reactions the next morning over breakfast was uproariously funny. So it's been playing out real well - thank Heaven for friends who can really play a character well. We've been having a blast with this adventure (although several of us have joined or almost joined the 'Dead Adventurers' Society" at least once!) More mayhem's to come, I am sure. . .

(and it DID ~hazel)

The third installment in “As The Die Rolls”
This situation with my character is gonna be fun to play out - K'Delah's from a culture that is radically different from her love interest's. She's a 1/2 wild elf, 1/2 wood elf from a very savage and tribal corner of the world (think Amazon rainforest - no snow except on mountains, lush, lots of nasty critters etc.) Her tribe's very flirty, very blunt, and shows interest by gifting the focus of their affections with little tokens such as flowers and jewelry and songs. She herself is a bit shy and reserved - mainly from spending too much time dwelling on "how does the other person feel?"

However, her lover, Khyron, is the heir to a minor nobleman and vintner. He's tall, human, dark and handsome with violet eyes he inherited from his elven ancestor. He worships a Goddess of romantic love, is incredibly flirty, is a master of innuendo (he makes her blush at least daily), and is very cuddly and physically affectionate. He's a duelist and swordsman, is very diplomatic, is charismatic as hell (18), and is so damn sweet he could give a gal cavities. He's swept K'Delah off her feet, managed to fluster her to pieces, and become her first lover - all in the space of about 2 weeks!

The entire party is either shaking their heads, laughing quietly, or in Allisyen's case, sighing with relief. It's actually pretty damned cute, come to think of it!

Even worse, K'Delah nearly croaked right before all the romance took off (my DM nearly had a malignant tree eat her), and then right after all the romantic stuff happened, Khyron got nailed by an assassin and we had to raise him from the dead (the ghoul-friend jokes were horrendous!)

(but wait, there’s more ~hazel)

The fourth installment in “As The Die Rolls”
Talked to the friend of mine who plays Khyron (my cleric K'Delah's sweetie) last night, and surprise surprise! After Khyr's being brought back to life, he ends up romancing my poor cleric to pieces that night. She confesses how much she loves him when they're cuddled up, as well as dissolving into tears as the aftermath of watching Khyr die in front of her in their last fight, and then holding in all that emotion while battling to save the group and get him to a cleric who could bring him back. (She may be wise, but gods, she's a deeply emotional lady!) Being that her sweetie’s a worshipper of Sune, (Goddess of Romantic Love, oh dear!), needless to say, K'delah has quite a night in her love's arms. So, that's where we left things with our love-crazed characters.

Kathleen Young Rybarczyk
aka K'Delah Oakmoon of the Chondalwood